Dream Charity/Fundraiser?

When we think of charities, or fundraisers automatically certain images come to mind. Images that we’re all a bit accustomed to–charity drives ranging from feed the homeless, to raise money to stop Aids and fundraisers ranging from selling cookie dough to selling pizza kits.  Every now and then I’ll hear about a Charity that may not be so typical, or I’ll hear about a fundraiser where you’re selling coffee rather than candy bars.  I wonder if people stick to doing the “normal” traditional fundraiser or charities just because they “sell” better or look better on paper.  Many of us have some causes that resonate deeply with us. Someone who lost a loved one to Aids, will obviously be very emotionally involved in charities targeted toward Preventing/Curing Aids. A person that is an animal lover will stand on the sideline of PETA. And then soccer moms that REALLY want to raise money to send their child to some dance compettion, will obviously be financially invested in fundraising with candy bars. Obviously we all have different reasons for volunteering and wanting to raise money for our cause or group. Though I wonder if we all had at least ONE opportunity to participate in our dream “Charity” or to create a really cool fundraiser in a way that is completely unconventional–would we? Even at the risk that it may be not be as successful as some of the more traditional charity drives and fundraisers? For those of you who answer “yes” please describe your dream charity/fundraiser? What is it supporting? Who would be involved? How much money would you want to raise? What is different about your charity/fundraiser? Why is creative or unique? 


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