Wacky Fundraising

So I was browsing the web today for different ideas on fundraisers in 2010. This comes from the blog I wrote yesterday about organizing your “dream” fundraiser. While I was browsing the web I came across some of the “strangest” most “bizzare” fundraising strategies to implement at work. Here are a few:

Weird Sponsored Fundraising Activities:

  • Sponsored wax – Co-workers pay a donation for a chance to pull a waxing strip from a man’s leg, back or chest. It’s a painful – but profitable – way to fundraise for your charitable cause.
  • Shaved head sponsorship – Similar to the sponsored wax, co-workers make donations and are allowed to shave someone’s head.
  • Baked bean boots – Ask co-workers to pledge for every minute you walk around work in baked bean boots. Who knows? After they get a whiff of your feet, they might even pay you to stop!

These are all pretty wacky and I probably wouldn’t implement any of these ideas, however, I think they’re extremely creative and they do stand out. Do any of you know of any pretty strange fundraisers? Or, have you ever implemented a fundraiser that was uncommon or wacky? How did it work? Was it successful?


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