Fall Stationery Ideas

Fall is my favorite season. I’m not sure why–because fall is very dull and often means that winter is around the corner, but I’ve always found that between the beautiful leaves dropping from the trees, the temperature which is warm enough to feel as though you can still dress cute, and cool enough to feel as if being outside is breezy and wonderful. I have wonderful child-hood memories of jumping into a pile of freshly raked crisp fallen leaves. I have a childhood memories of going to pumpkin farms and choosing pumpkins. Wearing a nice cute pink light jacket and running in the breeze. Getting prepared for Halloween. The memories go on and on and on.

Since Paper For Good’s main product is “stationery”, I’m always excited about incorporating “new” ideas and “trends” into our product design. I’d like to create some fashionably “cool” stationery kit for clients. One of my newest ideas is a “fall stationery kit”–that is completely outside of the fundraising scope. I’d love to incorporate yellow and red leaves laminated onto really groovy post cards. I’d love to incorporate browns, and burnt orange, and burgundy colors into some type of contrast–creating a very “fallish” type of notepad.

I could literally go on and on about my ideas, but I’m interested in listening to “outside” advice in how I can turn a basic white post-card, note-pad, envelope or card into something that really mimics the fall season.

Any ideas?


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