Social Netfundraising for Dummies

With facebook, myspace, and twitter, it’s becoming a very apparent trend that social networking is the way to go. What used to be for teenie-boppers, and twenty-somethings’, has now turned into a semi-mature marketplace. To be specific, businesses and professionals, utilize social networking sites, in order to promote their service and/or product. In the same sense I’m also seeing more and more non-profits rely on tools such as Facebook and Twitter to promote knowledge and to increase membership. Paper For Good is currently a facebook user, and we also have a twitter account. We’ve experienced some pretty decent results, and we’re still in the beginning stages. I’ve noticed a large influx of “causes” (Save Haiti, for instance) and/or non-profit groups on Facebook with a pretty large following. I’ve even witnessed a ton of facebook fundraising. I’ve seen tweets, tweeting about “saving whales”, updating members about the amount of money raised on X day, and so on. Which is when it dawned on me that social networking is a LARGE tool for fundraisers–in the same scope that it is for businesses.

So I’d like to know how many of you have used facebook, Twitter, or Myspace to fundraise? If you haven’t–why haven’t you? What tips would you want to provide to prospective fundraisers/non-profits interested in using social networking? What sort of results have you had thus far? Would you say that fundraising online, with social networking, has increased the amount that you’ve raised? Which social networking site have you experienced the most success with?

Any comments would be great!


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