The Power of Incentives PT.2

As explained in part one “The power of Incentives”–incentives are a great way to motivate your group, team, or students in a fundraiser–to want to sell the fundraiser item and to sell as much of the item as possible. I’d like to continue that post, with some of my own suggestions of really great ways to motivate your group to sell the item.

The more obvious incentive is the oh so common “pizza party”. This is especially great in elementary school settings. As a child, the pizza parties–as common as they are-were exciting simply because most young children love pizza. One of the ways that PFG has integrated pizza parties into our fundraisers is by focusing on “team effort”. With one of our current clients, we promised the client that if everyone on the team came together and met their goal to raise $500 then PFG would throw a free pizza party for the team. Though this was on the condition that the team MEETS or EXCEEDS their fundraising goals. Framing the incentive with a condition, will place a sense of urgency into the team/school/or group.

Another great incentive that PFG uses is gift-cards. You’ll obviously want to focus on tailoring the gift-card to your groups interest. For instance one of our clients is a high school girls dance team, so being that I did graduate from college about 5 years ago I do somewhat remember the trips to Starbucks, the Friday nights Freshman year at Chili’s or Fridays, and of course going to American Eagle and trying on ripped Jeans. Itunes is another great option for a gift card. And the wonderful thing about gift-cards is that you CHOOSE the increment that you want to supply. If you can afford it you can provide a $50 giftcard which will certainly motivate the group to want to sell, or you can provide the typical $25 dollar card(which may not be a good idea if your going the American Eagle Route). If cost is an issue there are ways to save and still provide incentives to your group. PFG, seems popular with high-school girls, and so with one of our fundraisers we actually decided that the top-seller would be awarded a Hot Pink Flat Iron. Flat Irons are usually pretty expensive, but not if you go on sites like E-bay or Amazon, and/or even going to places like Walmart. You can easily find a Flat Iron under $35. If your hosting a fundraiser for students under the age of 8, then a trip to a Dollar Store(to find a prize item) is perfectly fine.

Obviously since most schools/groups cannot afford to buy flat irons or gift cards for every student or team member, you’ll have to frame it so that only the top one or two sellers receive the flat-irons. You’ll also want to establish how much an individual will have to sell in order to be a top-seller. One of the cool things about one of our current clients Martin High School, is that the team actually created their own free “incentives”. A standard practice for the volley ball team includes the girls having to run windmills, and run laps to warm up. The coach stated that if the girls sold a certain amount of PFG items that they would not have to run laps, sprints, or windmills for the practice of their choice. As small-scale as that may seem, it was incentive enough for the girls to have the motivation needed to sell as much of the item(PFG stationery) as needed.

All of the above are great starting points when you consider the type of incentives you’d like to provide for your group or school.

What are popular incentives and/or prizes that you’ve used in your fundraisers to motivate your students?


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