The art and romance of love letters…

When you think of love letters, the first thing that comes to mind are the cheesy movies, where the man professes his love to the maiden in distress, and to which she responds back pining for the man that she obviously isn’t able to see. Letters are exchanged back and forth over time, and they get deeper and quite nauseating. Of course that is in the movies. In reality, how many people are pouring their hearts out on paper? How many people still write their “SO” love letters? I’d venture to say not many. Most people send the “I love u” text messages, or they may write “I love you” on their SO’s facebook wall.

Though when I do hear stories of love letters, it’s almost always the woman writing their “so” a love letter, a poem, or something else that is overly nauseating. I’ve been with my boyfriend for just about 6 years now, and I remember in the beginning I always wrote him love letters. But it was like talking to a wall. Yes he liked them, but he freaked out about writing something back. In my experience, and of course the woman I know–men just don’t write love letters if they don’t have to.

I don’t want to go on some sexist rant or gender bash, but it is a common observation that a lot of men don’t understand the “art” of writing love letters and/or pouring their heart out on paper.

I came across a story, in the link provided below, that was extremely romantic. And in this case YES the male did write love letters. In a way this story is as romantic and as sweet as the Notebook or Titantic.

Take a look:

Obviously the circumstances surrounding this story were quite drastic, but WOW.

Women, how many of you would LOVE to have your SO write you a love letter? Men, how many of you have written a “SO” a love letter? What prompted you to write the love letter and how did she respond?

And on a general note, why are people so lazy these days? Why instead of writing a heartfelt letter, do we text and facebook the person we love–doesn’t it sort of undermine romance?


4 thoughts on “The art and romance of love letters…

  1. The most I’ve gotten is an “I love you” text. I wish my boyfriend would write me a love letter, but he already made it clear that it’s too cheesy for him. Though I think I would appreciate a love letter, I’m not sure how I would feel after I read it? Nauseated? Excited? Happy?

    • Hmm I think a telling sign of whether you’re truly in love with someone is your reaction to something “cheesy” that they do. Although my ex wrote me letters, I always felt strangely off when I read them.

      • Yep. I agree. I doubt my guy would ever write me a love letter, but if he did, I think deep down I would feel very girly about it. I think most women would feel special if their SO wrote them a love letter. I wonder if men feel the same way? My so would smile and say “thank you” and I could tell he meant it, but that is about as deep as it got. Meanwhile I’m sure I would probably put the letter in some lockbox, call my friends, read it several times, and so on.
        Thanks for the response btw.

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