What is your Writing Style?

I remember a few years ago when I was an undergrad student, and a journalism major, I had my first writing challenge. That is, I didn’t write the way my professor wanted me to. While I was detailed, wordy, witty, and maybe in some cases overly descriptive, she was brief, concise, and beautifully descriptive. It was in that class that I felt as though I were a failure as a writer. A year or two later, in completely different writing class, with a completely different professor, I experienced something similar. My writing had matured–I was now brief, to the point, beautifully descriptive, and this teacher was the opposite–witty, wordy, and very vague(in the same sense). The difference between this professor and my first English professor, is this professor enjoyed the differences in our writing. She told me, that everyone has a completely different writing style, and that some individuals are good at writing certain genres or styles, others are not. For instance I’ve always been good when it comes to creative writing: novels, short stories, etc. But I’m a terrible poet, and I’m not good at nonfiction.

What is your writing style? Have you ever been challenged as writer(for writing the way you do) what types of writing are you the best at?

Any responses are welcome.


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