A Letter to the President

I have a friend who loves talking about politics. She can literally go on for hours about various topics, and various things going on in the White House. And when she’s talking, I’m usually tuning her out, or trying to understand what she is talking about. And don’t even get me started on the question, “Have you heard about what Obama is doing with………?”

That question, which she asks me often, is usually followed by an “Um, no. I don’t follow politics. I’ve told you that beforeeee.” And then I quickly try to change the subject before she goes off on her usual tangent about the president. At which, almost always fails and thus I usually find myself having to pretend to listen or rushing her off the phone.

The other night I was telling her that it seemed as if a majority of the people I know have jobs and/or careers–they aren’t unemployed. She launched into her typical one-sided talk about the president, employment, and the stimulus bill. To which, I found myself thinking about what I wanted to eat for dinner that night (pizza or Italian Sausage and Spaghetti). Then–halfway through my belly rumbling in hunger–I thought about how she seemed to ENJOY ranting about the same topic every single time we talk, either she needs to write Sean Hannity, Bill Riley or Keith Olbermann, or she just needs to write the president himself.

And so I asked her, “Jen, you always find a way to talk about the president, so why don’t you just write him a letter and tell him everything that you’ve told me”. And of course she retorted, “Why would I write him a letter? You should write him a letter”

“Jen. I would have nothing to say. I have no opinion, whatsoever about the president, or politics. I could write him a letter about how much I laughed watching Jersey Shore last night, or how much of a trainwreck MTV’s Teen mom is… Should I do that?”

That of course, frustrated her, and she got off the phone.

I’m still not sure why she was frustrated with my idea. It makes sense. Matter of fact, I wonder if the millions of Americans–that are either satisfied or dissatisfied with the president–wrote him letters, if this would prompt the change or progression in the right direction for this country. A part of me feels that writing a letter would result in diddly squat(being done in the white house), but then there is a part of me–the hopeful twenty-something idealist–that imagines that the right change could occur if more Americans really let him know how we felt.

Taking out the high probability that your letter would never actually make it into the White House, if you had the ability to write a letter to the president, KNOWING he would read the letter, what would you write?


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