I feel even pathetic talking about this show, let alone admitting that I actually enjoy the show, but I can’t resist. I’ve been following the show since 16 and pregnant premiered. What attracted me to the show–I’m still not sure, but in the midst of several stupid reality shows, I thought to myself, “Why not try another one… MTV produced it, so it’s probably pure garbage which means mindless entertainment.”

I was right.

The show is a train-wreck. And even more disturbing is that these young girls agreed to even be on this show–having their lives showcased for the world to see.

I watched episode 4 last night and I just feel compelled to write a long review of what I thought about last week’s episode, and this week’s episode.

Bare with me.

Maci- Out of all the teen moms she has the best head on her shoulders. What I find interesting about her is that she’s always able to take everything in stride. She seems to have an optimistic outlook on life, she loves Bentley and she accepts hardships as they come. Out of everyone, I think her story is probably the LEAST likely circumstance of a teen being a mother. Maci, from an outsiders view, has had a pretty privileged lifestyle. Her parents seem to have done well for themselves, despite the fact that they were teen parents as well. She lives in a big a house.  Works for her dad, gets plenty of family support, and she’s an attractive young woman. For most teen moms–the outlook that Maci has, is completely rare, let alone the support system, family wealth, and the “stride” in hardships. Nonetheless, as much as I like her, I found myself a little baffled about what she sees in Kyle. He is unattractive, seems completely “dense”, and the interaction between them seeemed a bit awkward. Anywhoo her storyline this season is  a bit boring so not much to say other than the fact Macy has broken a cardinal rule–never date a guy that is less attractive than the horrible ex. Ryan, I’m sure, isn’t jealous or threatened in the least.

Amber- I have mixed feelings about this girl. I’m not sure why Gary is still with her. She’s always angry, always complaining, and she gets violent with him often. This girl, is one of those women, that won’t tolerate typical male antics(at that age). On one hand it’s a good thing, because Gary seems to be complacent, and whiny. On the other hand engaging in cussing wars in front of your 1 year old daughter is not good parenting. Neither is physically attacking your boyfriend. I’ve noticed she lost a ton of weight. I want to congratulate her. She said she lost the weight by eating veggies and lean meat, and doing two hour work-outs 4 times a week. The first thing that came to my mind was “yeah right”.  I won’t doubt that she probably stopped eating very much, and that she is working out, but I do DOUBT that it’s been 2 hour work outs and that she didn’t take some type of diet pill for the drastic weight loss that occurred in the matter of only 2.5-3 months.  If she really did what she said then why doesn’t she have her GED? Which seems to have been a huge priority last season… This season, she stopped talking about it. Last night watching her dance on Gary was the most amusing part of the show. Beyond her trying to force him to dance and him objecting because of his weight and because he felt awkward–it was even more amusing watching her run across the beach like she was on baywatch. And of course him proposing to her the way he did(you could tell he didn’t want to) and she was completely catty with him as usual.  They are a fun couple to watch.

Farrah-I don’t know what to say too much about her. I feel bad for her. I really do. But I can’t stand the way she talks to her mom. She is so disrespectful, and mouthy. And her mom just lets Farrah run right over her. Farrah also seems to lack proper parenting skills–probably a result of her own mother. It was completely scripted, when Farrah’s mom was talking to Farrah’s dad about the whole situation, and that was disappointing.  I also find Farrah’s mom annoying. Her voice just annoys me. Especially how she talks to Farrah like she is a baby. The constant tears from her mother, is getting old–and I suspect that Farrah is so used to it that she just ignores it. I think there is more to this story and more to theirr relationship then the cameras show. But Farrah is an example of when parenting goes wrong…

Catelynn–This storyline has taken a completely different turn from the direction it was going in last season. I’m not sure how I feel about it. But I will say that last season this couple annoyed me, because I didn’t see their purpose in being on the show. And I felt as if their relationship was a bit codependent, and overly committed(especially considering their ages). Now it seems a bit more realistic in the fact that they are growing apart. But MTV has definitely played a role in this new direction the story line has gone in. Why was Catelynn’s ex even brought up? It seems to have come from nowhere. All of the sudden, one day, Tyler is tired of Catelynn, the next day he “randomly” asks Catelynn about her ex from THREE years ago. Which means that MTV probably told them “time for drama or you two are canned”.  But let’s just pretend(like MTV is) that this drama is real. I will say that I think Tyler is sick of Catelynn and for good reason. They are 17! They are extremely codependent and it seems like their relationship is completely about Carly. The sad thing about it, is that you can tell that the BOTH of them regret their decision and they don’t know what to do now that it is said and done. It’s also sad, watching their family lives(parents, home situation, support systems). Especially Catelynn’s. My feelings about these two–at this point–is hard to say. On one hand I’m ready for the couple to take a break of some sort, because their relationship seemed unhealthy and smothering before. On the other hand, I’m rooting for them, and hoping they get the closure necessary to move on from their decision to give away Carly. But I was baffled when they went into couple’s counseling at SEVENTEEN. And when he had the nerve to ask for her phone records and she AGREED.  I think their story line is fun–made up–but still entertaining to say the least. Though out of everyone, I’m the most sympathetic toward this couple.

(YES LONG REVIEW). Stay tuned for tonights episode!


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