Issues in the White House

Like I said before I’m not political in the least. But still, enough of my friends and family members are political so in many ways I’m bombarded with information about some of the bigger issues going on in this country. So please, if you have a moment, vote and let us know what issues are the most concerning to you. And if you time, please(in the comment section) include the reasons as to why a particular issue is most important to you and what “changes” you’d like to see happen in relation with that particular issue.

I’ll start.

One particular issue I’m concerned about is Education. I’m a college educated individual, but with the cost of education rising, I wonder how  my future children will ever be able to go… If each year the cost is rising what does this mean for the future generation? Will only the wealthy individuals have the privilege of going to college? In a society that has transformed from industrial to technology-traditional fields that don’t require education are now being outsourced, leaving a majority of people without an education, at a loss. This should be an incentive to get an education, but at what cost? If it’s so expensive that the average person cannot afford it, then I’d say that for most people the “incentive” to rack up thousands in student loans, for a career that isn’t guaranteed(look up the number of people with degrees that are working retail) may not be worth it. Thus making it hard to really outline why the cost of education–something that is obviously needed to survive in our society–is rising in the manner it is. At this rate, only certain individuals will be able to go and that is a bit scary for me.

I could obviously go on and on about this particular issue, but I’d like to hear from YOU about your personal feelings about any one of these issues.


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