Designer clothes, coach purses, ugg boots & cell phones!

What is with children under the age of 6 having cell phones? I mean who are they really going to call? This isn’t a rant, but the other day I was talking to my friend and she told me that her 5 year old niece has a cell phone. Not just any cell phone. An iphone. That annoyed me. Not because I still don’t have the beloved iphone(which does irritate me a tad bit) rather I’m perplexed about why a 5 year old would possibly need a high tec cell phone. If your going to get a child a cell phone, why not just buy him/her a pre-paid cheap boost mobile phone? I understand that this generation, is by far one of the most spoiled generations ever but I had no idea how spoiled these children are!

Last year around this time, when everyone pulled out their UGG boots at the start of fall(I admit I did too) I remember at the mall I had seen a 4 year old in Ugg Boots! The first thought that came to my mind was how in the world did this parent spend $140-$200 on a pair of boots that her daughter will NOT be able to wear a year or two later. Don’t get me wrong the little girl was extremely cute, but still, do young children even know what Ugg Boots are? Why do they need to wear fashion snow boots at such a young age?

And why, when I was out at Macy’s last night, did I see a 9 year old with a Coach Purse? And please don’t even get me started on the numerous amount of children under age 11 that have designer clothes and ONLY wear designer clothes.

This generation–the generation full of spoiled, entitled children–really has it good. They have parents shelling out the cash to pay for items that MOST young adults can’t afford. We have children too young to even make phone calls, operating iphones, and we have children that probably can’t even take care of fashion boots–wearing UGGS.
Am I the only one that finds this shocking?

When I was between the ages of 2-10 I was wearing hand me down clothing, Good Will Clothes, clothes that you could buy from Target and Walmart. I had no cell phone. I was lucky if I got a pair of boots that cost over $40, and I didn’t wear purses unless they had an “elmo” or “pooh” picture on the front flap. My parents were always operating off of a pretty strict budget but even when the money was there they were frugal. My mom always made it clear that children are constantly growing so buying children high-priced clothing and gadgets is a waste of money.

I didn’t start wearing designer clothes until I was 12. I had my first coach purse at 15, and my first cell phone at 15. I had my first pair of ugg boots around the time they came out, which by that time I was 18 or 19. And I didn’t have my first high gadget cell phone until NOW at 23.

So my question to you: would you or have you bought any of these items for your child? If you have, why? If you haven’t, why not? Do you see anything wrong with this? Why or why not?


2 thoughts on “Designer clothes, coach purses, ugg boots & cell phones!

  1. I did not have any of this stuff..Now granted I am 33 so no cell phone..but it was cool when we got call waiting ;). I don’t remember having ‘designer clothes’ but mom did shop at the department stores but there was always a limit. I played basketball and all i wanted was a pair of Nike hightops..My dad wasn’t having it. He gave my mom a $30 limit..WHAT? Are you kidding me?? Talk about embarrassing. So mom snuck and got me my Nikes. Score one for mom!
    Back to question at hand..My kids will NOT have a cell phone until they are at least 12 (safety reasons and my kids are 8 and 5) My son the 8 year old asks me all the time if he can have a cell phone. NO your best friend lives 2 blocks away, he is getting walkie talkies. My daughter on the other hand likes pretty stuff and she could ‘try’ key word ‘try’ to get expensive but this will have it’s limitations. I refuse to have spoiled rotten little kids that have all designer things and don’t appreciate anything.

  2. That’s a great mindset to have actually. I’m still pretty young–no kids yet–but I definitely don’t believe in spending tons of money on children under 12. I’m baffled by kids having cell phones–they have NO one to call!!!! When I was a kid, cell phones weren’t in, but even if they were, my parents wouldn’t have bought me one. I wore regular clothing brands all through elementary school and I wasn’t scarred in the least. I bought my first Tommy Hillfigure(sp) shirt when I was 12.
    I just feel like sometimes, as a parent, you have to draw the line. Kids don’t need everything…

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