Writers block anyone?

Any writer will attest to at one point in their history of writing–whether it be a novel, an article, blog, poetry, and/or an essay–going through what experts term “writer’s block”. Which essentially is when you simply feel as though you don’t know what to write, how to finish, where to start, or how to process your ideas onto paper. When I went through writers block it was extremely frustrating. I found that writers block typically happened to me in trying to figure where to start, and how to finish. I had no issue pouring my ideas on paper, creating a plot, and streaming a poetry and/or essay together. It was just getting started. Writing that first sentence or starting paragraph-that killed me. It was figuring out how to “end” the thought, to finish the story, to leave off at a certain sequence of events, that typically left me in writer’s block-mode. And more often than not, rather than trying to overcome the block I simply gave up and let it be, unless it was an assignment that I NEEDED to finish.

But right now as we speak I have a 100 page novel about Vampires, Sorcery and other mystic creatures still sitting in my saved document profile on my Mac Book–a file that I haven’t touched in 90 days. And a file that like other files-mostly novels–probably won’t EVER be touched again. I’m not sure if it’s a symptom of not being able to finish what I start, or if it’s random ADD-ness but for some reason I write these incredible novels, they’re long, they’re detailed, they’re great BUT then there comes a time when all the sudden they lose the luster, the spark, and thus I typically end up just not finishing. And yes I’d say that I haven’t quite overcome writers block.

I’ve read tips online and in books about how to overcome it. And usually the tips and the advice does little for me. I’ve participated in workshops about it. I’ve spoken to teachers and advisors. And yet still I have not truly learned the art of coping and working through the oh-so-typical-writers block.

And since I do have a passion for both reading and writing, I’d really like to know HOW exactly does one overcome it and NO not the “by the book” answer–I’m looking for personal experiences. I’m looking for people who coped through the block and from then-on-out ALWAYS found ways to cope through the block, finish the story, essay, or book, start the essay, story and/or book and so on.

So if any of you wonderful writers could share some advice with me or some of your own personal stories that’d be highly appreciated it.


One thought on “Writers block anyone?

  1. Hi, I’m so glad to have found some one sharing this kind of experiences. You don’t find this kind of discussions on the web very easily.

    I believe best stories come when the first idea that comes to you is how they end, and then you mentally complete the story back so that you can end up with that awesome end-of-story you have started with.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often that you directly make up an end. There are some things I always try when I am writting and I get blocked:
    First I start writting a draft being sure that it is not going to be the definitive. I don’t care about its quality at all. I just write. After that read and criticize what I’ve written (poor sentences I’ve chosen, too less / too many details, paragraphs I should sort more propperly, ideas I sould include or explain better……). This helps me have a basis to start with and to make up my mind about the kind of end I want to write.

    If it doesn’t work and I have to reject all my attempts one after another nomatter how I write them… usually I find out that I don’t like the idea itself, so I’m not going to find a good way to express it. Then I just focus on enjoying and liking what I write and look for alternatives that have nothing to do with the original idea for an end.

    This is not much of an original advise, I know. I hope it helps thoug and that you enjoy reading the comment at least.

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