Friending your child on Facebook

Everyone that is anyone is on Facebook. Including our relatives. So this brings me to what happened last night when I was facebook browsing. I came across my cousin’s raunchy facebook profile, which happens to include her posing provocatively at 16 with the popular puckered lips(for some reason girls think that having a picture on facebook with puckered lips is cute….). I found her profile tacky for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I felt that at her age some of her pictures should’ve been banned from Facebook due to their clear inappropriateness. Her myspace profile is even worse. I then–while looking through her facebook photo album-realized that she was friends with her mom, with our aunt, with my mom, and other adults within our family that have a “no-nonsense” attitude. What was equally troubling is that her mom posted on my cousin’s wall within the last 48 hours so her mother did SEE the raunchy facebook profile picture. Why didn’t her mom make her to take the pic down? And why would she befriend her mother with such incriminating evidence and inappropriateness including–pictures of her drunk, her being groped by shady looking guys, and her with barely any clothes on.

Who knows.

I have two facebook profiles. And one of them, at one point had also contained plenty of inappropriate photos, as well as me being apart of “groups” on facebook that were VERY tacky and gross. I’m not sure what caused me to join those groups, but I was 18 after all. I just remember that when I friended my cousin a year later, that he sent me a message with the following, “Your scaring me with some of the groups you’re in” and some other not so nice words masked with concern. It was at that point, of total humiliation and embarrassment, that I realized that if I were to ever friend a relative, a parent, or anyone authoritative, that was close to me, that it was essential that I clean my facebook profile up beforehand.

Yet I know so many people who have curse words, crazy photos, and just nasty things on their profile. Most are so out in the open with it that they don’t even care to take the nastiness down a notch when they friend parents, aunts, grandparents, etc. In my case, it’s already odd enough that my mom is on facebook. I can’t imagine her reaction if she saw inappropriate things on my profile.

I’ve read stories of parents yelling at their children or disclosing private things on their child’s wall and those stories always reveal why being friends with a loved one isn’t always the best idea, especially if the profile is anything like my cousins.

So my question of the day is: how many of you are friends with your children on facebook?


How crazy are their profiles? How have you reacted to your child’s facebook page if it is inappropriate?


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