Why fundraising with stationery?

I work with a company that specializes in personal fundraising. One of the ways that this company focuses on personal fundraising is by emphasizing “traditional” communication methods, and through the product itself–which is very personal. Right now most people communicate by typing out everything, facebooking friends, and/or texting, emailing and sending “e-cards”. This product emphasizes the use of pen and paper, writing, and using hands and minds to do more than what is “efficient” or easier. Writing on paper usually requires more thought, more precision, and is of more value to the recipient. If we take a look at how our society has morphed into a consumer technology society, we see that tech-driven communication is used so often that it has become impersonal and not as valuable to the recipient. For this reason, among others, we believe that its important to re-establish the value of using paper and pens to convey messages rather than technological communication methods.

We also believe that using unconventional fundraising methods is one of the best ways to increase fundraising efforts and help schools and programs meet and exceed their fundraising goals. Selling popcorn kits, cookie-dough and other popular fundraisers is used so often that most people “expect” that when they hear the words “school fundraiser” it means candy bars and the same products that were sold the year before. What is the excitement in that?

Instead why not emphasize the value of personal communication, why not try something unconventional, and why not focus on a product that has no expiration date(unlike popcorn kits, and candy bars)? Why not use stationery?

Yep. Our product–our personal fundraising product–is stationery. But not just any stationery. Custom stationery. We take a school or company logo, pictures, and the mantra and place that on the chosen stationery fundraising items. The client is able to choose what they WANT on their stationery (our personal touch), they get to choose 4 different types of stationery products that they’d like to use (again our personal touch) and the product can be placed in scrapbooks, hung on refrigerators, or put in a box of memorabilia. What’s better is that this stationery–which includes notepads, napkins, envelopes, memo pads, and so on–can be used to write notes, to write letters and so on. All of this creates a personal touch that isn’t found in many popular fundraisers.

Someone asked me–when the concept was first introduced: “Why would someone WANT to fundraise with stationery?”

That’s easy:

Stationery appeals to our emotions. It’s personal. It represents YOU. It can be used and/or stored for years down the road. It emphasizes the value of writing. Stationery is appealing to the eye. It’s DIFFERENT from food kits, candles, and the whole other spiel of fundraisers that are used far too often. What’s more is that stationery is something different and may be just what you need in this economy–which by default has effected fundraising–to meet your goals. Why not fundraise with stationery?


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