Jersey Shore & Other Reality Television shows

I admit I like SOME reality tv. I love Teen mom, 16 and pregnant, MTV’s true life, and Jersey Shore. Yes I know. It’s unfortunate that I have such a “bad” taste in television. Admitting that I enjoy reality television, is like letting loose a dirty secret. I’m ashamed to admit that I sometimes find myself laying in my pajamas, on the couch, spending endless time going through reality tv marathons, and chewing on Movie Theater Butter popcorn. Why am I ashamed? Because I KNOW that reality television isn’t really “reality” but more so a scripted type of reality that tends to always involve an elevated sense of drama, trash, and unintelligent behaviors. Anyone with more than half a brain KNOWS that reality tv is quite one of the dumbest things to watch, but since it seems to have taken over television most of us don’t have a choice in the matter.

I do enjoy and love some regular programming shows: True blood(a fave), Lost, House, Criminal minds, Law and Order SVU.  But when these shows are an off-season what is there to watch? Reality TV. When  “regular” televisions shows are discontinued or canceled, what is there to watch? Reality TV. When it’s almost midnight and nothing is really on, what is there to watch? Reality TV. When television–that used to be something that was semi-intelligent–has transformed into something full of trash, what is there to watch that resembles such? Reality tv.

So here goes:

This post isn’t a particular rant, but more so an observation about the quality of television in 2010. It’s very Sub-Par. And I actually felt sad earlier in the week when I learned that last week Jersey Shore made the top of the list as most watched television show. I like Jersey Shore. I really do. It’s pure entertainment. But I’m baffled that the show was top rated.

I liked the show better first season. This season has become extremely scripted, and the characters are clearly trying to appeal to the mass–with J-WOW trying to fight everyone and acting as if she is big and bad, with Ronnie and Sam break-ups and make-ups, and with the “Situation” acting as if he is hot stuff–all of it is getting old. What’s even more disconcerting is that these characters are idolized for essentially participating in some of the degrading and dumb behaviors that 20-somethings could partake in. The show basically involves a group of Italians participating in tanning, hair-spray and stiff hair gel, partying all the time, hot-tubbing, getting wasted, trying to get rid of grenades, engaging in meaningless hook-ups, creeping, and of course always wanting to fight. Is that what intrigues people? REALLY?

I mean I’m seeing these characters on magazine covers–Sammie being advertised for losing weight, J-WOW and her plastic surgery, Sooki and her drunkenness  The fact that reality tv stars(who are supposed to be just like us “normal” people) are now being graced in the same manner as ACTUAL actors is baffling to me.

As I said last week when I did the Teen mom Review. When I see Maci, Amber, and Farrah in headline news, on magazine covers, etc–then that is how I KNOW that reality tv has turned into a different type of reality. Where semi-average people are idolized for participating in degrading, harmful, stupid behaviors. Where reality tv stars are partying with celebrities and are treated as such. And where shows that are supposed to be about reality are ACTUALLY scripted into elevated intense dramas. Yes I’m starting to get sick of reality shows, and shows like Jersey Shore. I wish more people were as well. That way we could go back to REGULAR television.

Observation over.


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