Writing A Book

I’ve said this before on another blog but at one point in my life I wrote books. I wrote a total of about 2 novels. One which I deleted years later after an embarrassing situation happened. Another novel which I wrote but–due to writers block–was unable to finish. I admit that I haven’t tried to write since then but I would like to write a book again in the near future.

There are a some issues I find in writing a book. The first is dedication. Writing a book is difficult to me because it requires a ton of dedication. You can’t go into book-writing with a half-vested interest. It has to be 100% commitment and a lot of your free time will require you to put in the effort to get the book complete. For a lot of people, summoning up that type of dedication is often difficult. Especially if you are anything like me, and have a habit of starting things that you can’t finish. Simply put you can’t be a lazy writer.

The second issue is patience. You have to be patient throughout the process and after. Obviously a 300 page novel cannot be written within 2 months unless you have a ton of spare time, no family, and no real commitments. For most people writing a long novel will take at least 4 months if not longer. And then of course, once your done, the publishing process(if your lucky enough to get your novel published) takes quite a while as well. As does income from the novel, exposure and the sorts. For that reason, an impatient person could not possibly find writing a book or the process of writing a book to be enjoyable. There is rarely instant gratification for an up-and coming novelist.

The third issue is finding: “ideas, plots, characters and story lines” that would attract the masses, be enjoyable to write for you, and that you are knowledgeable about. That is probably where I always seemed to fall off. I always had excellent ideas, GREAT character build ups and descriptions, good story lines but for some reason I was unable to keep the plot going strong, and due to my naive-sheltered-world, I lacked knowledge in a lot of the topics that I WANTED To write about. In several writing courses, one fundamental factor in writing was KNOWLEDGE. How can you write about something you don’t know? You can’t. You have to know it, to write it. And that requires research, experience, and time. Things that I just felt too lazy to do. Not to mention the fact that again I suffer from writers block and often found that ideas couldn’t stick, plots couldn’t hold–so coupled with the lack of knowledge-book writing never felt viable in the grand scheme of things.

Another issue is the appeal factor. You want people to read and enjoy the book–so if it isn’t enjoyable, or if isn’t an interesting topic then it will be difficult to make income. On the other hand, there is typically something for everyone–you’ll always find at least ONE person that will read your novel, and it’s much more important that you like what your writing. So don’t always base book topics and content on what you THINK your audience will enjoy–also make sure you enjoy what you’re writing about as well–another issue I faced in the end.

The final issue is PUBLISHING. There are tons of book writers out there, but how many are lucky enough to get their book published? And out of the books being published, how many go on to become best-sellers or high-income generators? And of course how LONG does it take for a book to become popular, to get published, and/or make the best sellers list? Well the time will vary. But for most people success does not come overnight. Harry Potter wasn’t popular the first 6 months of the book being published, neither was Twilight. So instant income and instant gratification are not always synonymous with novel-writing. That bothered me, because honestly I like INSTANT gratification. That also worried me because If my book wasn’t published or if I wasn’t lucky enough to get press, to get exposure or to sell millions of my books–well then what?

So that leaves me to the following conclusion: writing a book isn’t for everyone. And while I won’t say it wasn’t for me. At this point–as much as I WANT to write a book, there are many factors that I’ve considered, that have caused me to hold off.


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