What can we expect for our childrens future????

I was browsing a forum a little while ago and a specific topic caught my attention: How will the current negative economy affect the future generation? One of the reasons that this topic caught my attention is due to how the economy has impacted my generation. I mean I have so many friends right now that are unemployed, or those that have degrees but are working retail positions. I have friends racked with debt from college with nothing really to show for it in terms of employment and financial stability. I have friends that never were even able to complete college due to the cost. And I have friends that are completely pessimistic about their future, about marriage, about children, etc. And if you remember that article that I posted last week called “20-somethings”–the article was pretty much a great “summed” up version about what type of generation we’re counting on in the present. But to be fair, with the current economic climate, and general issues going on in our society it makes sense that 20-somethings are in the position that they are in.

Something that I’ve thought about–since I’ve come across that forum-is if my generation has this many problems, then how many issues and/or problems will the next generation have? How will this recession affect the up and coming generation? When I think about the future generation of children I ask myself the following questions:

Will these individuals be able to go to college or by the time they turn 18 will college truly only be for upper class Americans? Will these individuals have an 85% divorce rate? Will these individuals have kids at 50? Will these individuals cohabitate  and never marry? Will these individuals have a variety of career choices or will most careers be outsourced leaving: nursing, teaching, and healthcare careers as the desirable career choices? Will these individuals need a PhD to get a basic entry-level position? Will this upcoming generation be underemployed and underpaid even more so than today’s 20-somethings?

What can we expect for our future generation? Is it gloom and glum or can we be hopeful that things will change for the better and that the dynamics concerning: cost of living, education, family, marriage, cohabitation, children, fertility, weight, etc–will be relatively better than they are now?


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