My favorite kids “learning” shows

Yes, this is another list. I love making these lists because they allow me to reminisce about my childhood. The lists are also a great tool for parents looking for kid-friendly great books, cartoons, and shows that “teach” our children–I hope you enjoy this list as well. Keep in mind that a majority of these shows are shows that I watched as a kid growing up in the  late eighties/early nineties. Obviously nowadays the “kid” friendly television shows are not the same.

1. Barney

2. Lambchops

3. Reading Rainbow

4. Seasame Street

5. The Puzzle Place

6. Wishbone

7. Gullah Gullah Island

8. Muppet Babies

9. Blues Clues

10. Allegras window

11. Little bear

12. Eureeka’s Castle

13. The Busy World of Richard Scarry

14. The Adventures of David the Gnome

15. Care Bears

16. Louis Sharon and Bram’s Elephant Show


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