I dislike Facebook with Parents

So I’m sure I’m the only one who cringed when they logged on to their facebook account, and noticed they had 4 friend requests–one which included a mom or dad. It was a mixture of complete horror twinged with a “ummm mom’s getting on facebook?”. Then attempting to figure out how to get around it before simply just agreeing to be the friend.

It’s almost like watching a parent dance or text–“Umm no your too old to dance” or “I can’t believe you text as much as me, your the ADULT!”

My mom, one day, even asked me to help her “unfriend” someone because they were getting on her nerves.

That was really weird for me.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only young person that isn’t so keen on their parent being an avid facebook user. And I’m pretty sure there are a variety of reasons as why one wouldn’t want their parent on facebook. For instance the mere fact that every  now and then you have a parent who will openly blast some personal information on their daughter’s or son’s facebook wall. I even read an article of a parent announcing their divorce on facebook and that is how their children found out.

I’ll be honest it may be time for me to find a new social network–one minus the parents.


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