Is Facebook making your teen a narcissist? – Video News Live

Video: Is Facebook making your teen a narcissist? – Video News Live.

One thing I will note is that my facebook profile is pretty limited–I don’t have a ton of photo’s, a ton of wall posts, or a ton of anything. I don’t venture on facebook very often, but when I do, I do see a huge mass of teens with over a thousand friends, 700 pictures, constant updates and wall posts, and videos and a ton of over social applications-embedded into their facebook profile. More often than not, I think to myself, “That person really LOVES themself” or “Wow… That person has a lot of time on his/her hands” or “Wow, nice pics. I wonder how they have the time…”

I don’t believe that Facebook is making anyone a narcissist that wasn’t already one in some capacity. Though I think that social networking sites like Facebook emphasize these qualities and make it easier for us to showcase who we really are–and for some people I suppose it’s such an attractive concept that they get carried away.  I think most people–teens included-want attention, whether it’s through numerous pictures, constant updates, or wall posts on Facebook.


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