Walmart Losing Mojo Amongst moms

I read an article here about the recent increase in moms challenging the whole notion of saving at Walmart. I actually really enjoyed this article because many of the complaints against walmart, are the same complaints I’ve had against the retail store as well.  I used to rely on Walmart to find good deals on Home Goods, Cleaning Supplies, and snacks. And up until a couple of weeks ago, I was still feeling as though the 15 to 20 minute drive was very much worth it. But as discussed in the article, the “deals” that used to be offered at Walmart just aren’t as great anymore.  I used to snack on a small 4 cookie pack of Chips Ahoy Cookies that was only 50 cents. I went into Walmart  last week and all of a sudden the snack cost $1.25.  I’m not sure why the hike in the price for 4 cookies, and I’m not going to complain about paying a dollar, but that is just ONE example of some of the things I’ve noticed about Walmart the last few times I’ve went into the store.

Other issues that I also agree with is the fact that the store still requires us to wait in lines. I’m not sure about other Walmarts’, but in my area the local Walmart has no “self-check out” lanes so even when I have like one or two items I’m still required to wait 20 minutes in a long line because unlike other grocery stores in the area Walmart has an outdated register system.  Then there is the fact that the store has a limited selection of food.  Every time I go into Walmart hoping to buy some bananas, or some produce, I’ll find that produce is just about gone, the banana’s aren’t there or they just aren’t offering the veggies and fruit that are so easy to get at other stores.  And then lately some of the savings in general just haven’t been very much to boast about.

I’m finding that I can go to my local grocery store and find similar deals or GET THIS: cheaper prices on items that AREN’T cheap at Walmart.  It used to be that Walmart was a savings-cheap-place-mecca, but now, not so much. I’d say that on some items Walmart still has its competitors beat, but for the most part the store is starting to lose its luster.  And I’m thinking that this article is completely accurate when we assess the reasons why.

Unlike some of the mothers that are upset with the retail store–I probably will continue to go to Walmart every now and then for items that are still cheap enough to be worth the drive, but overall I don’t think Walmart is a fave anymore. I sure hope that by Christmas season the store is back offering the deals that made me want to venture inside. Or else I’m cutting off Walmart for good.


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