State urges Moms to Breast Feed

Since I’ve never had a child, I’ve never had the pleasure of breast-feeding, but I do have friends with young children and I do have some insight based on their experiences with breast-feeding. To start, in many ways breast-feeding is extremely beneficial. It’s said to make children smarter. It bond’s the child to his/her mother. It’s economically feasible.  These should all be the reasons that a mother should breast feed, correct? Well, not really…

Some of my friends have admitted to me that the reasons they weren’t able to continue breast-feeding was because it was painful, it takes too much time,  it’s too sporadic, and formula is just convenient. Fair enough. I’ve never had a child, so I’m just going to take what my friends have stated as legitimate, valid reasoning as to why breast-feeding just isn’t for every mother.

That being said, I came across an article the other day about the state of Michigan urging mothers to breast feed. I actually thought it was a little odd.  I’m of the opinion that even with the benefits of breast-feeding the “State” really should not have much influence on what route a mother decides to take with her child.   The article made some pretty interesting points:

“Seven in 10 Michigan mothers breast-feed their babies at least one time — fewer than in most states — and those rates decline quickly in the first months of life.”

So the Michigan Department of Community Health has rolled out a nearly $1-million advertising blitz with the message: Breastmilk: Every Ounce Counts.”

“”Our job is not to decide whether moms should breast-feed … or not breast-feed. That’s their choice,” said Julie Lothamer, breast-feeding and nutrition consultant for the Michigan Department of Community Health. “I just don’t want anyone to ever say, ‘No one ever told me’ ” about the health benefits.””

What do you think–is the state really trying to just encourage and inform mothers to be aware of their options OR is this just an attempt to really manipulate mothers in Michigan to spike up the number of breast-feed babies? And is formula really all that bad?

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