If you knew before you had children…

I have a good amount of friends with young children and while they love being parents they always are quick to say “If I had known “X” then I would’ve waited” or “If I only I had known that I would need this or that then I would have done it a bit differently”. I think a lot of people–prior to having children–have a general knowledge of what they think parenting will be like, but without the experience firsthand we really don’t know what we are getting ourselves into.  It’s only once we have children that we realize that being a parent is much more complex than we’d ever imagine.  And since there isn’t a real parenting book out there that can help each and every couple with kids, then we all just sort of jump into it with the basics. I wonder though, if we knew what we know now about children, would we still make the decision to have them? Would we have waited? Would we have made sure we completed “this” or “that”? Would we want to be more financially stable? Would we want to be younger (if we had children older) or would we want to be older(if we had children very young)? Would we only want a certain amount of kids? Would we want to have raised them differently? Or would we not change our circumstance in the least?

I ran across another blog that really had some funny “pro’s and “con’s” about parenting–that sort of pokes fun at some of the things that we discover–both good and bad–once we have children.

The Pro’s can be found here, and the con’s can be found here.

Though I’m pretty sure the lists are amusing, I wonder how accurate they are, how many people think about some of these pro’s and con’s, and how, if we had known this–what we would have done differently or if we would even have children at all. Just something to ponder about, I suppose.


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