Nadya Suleman opting for Welfare

So this morning on the way to work I found out that Nadya Suleman–otherwise known as Octomom–is getting on welfare. When we remember the background of “octomom”, we think back to how controversial she was when it was first known(by the public) that she had intentionally decided to have children that she could not afford. At that point in time, the American public had predicted that this would happen. People were angry that this mother–who irresponsibly decided to have children that she could not afford–was portrayed as a “celebrity” rather than as an irresponsible mother that could not properly handle all 14 children. People were appalled that while endless amount of American’s were barely pulling it together to take care of their own 2 to 3 chilren, here Nadya was with 14 children “asking for financial assistance”. To top it off, she received nannies, in-home care and a nice house. In other words, to many, it felt as though she were rewarded for being irresponsible.

Her parents called her “foolish”, and alleged that she had a history of making impulsive irresponsible decisions and that they were at a “loss” of what to do about her behavior. Stories came out that she had gotten a nose job, amongst other cosmetic surgeries to look like Angeline Jolie. Clearly a woman who was not in the proper position–financially, emotionally, mentally to have these children. The state never took them away–even with “claims” of neglect and abuse within the home. And though many people wanted her to “lose” these children, because many predicted that this would happen–she never did and still hasn’t.

Now we fast forward to a year later, and we see effects of her decision to have 14 kids.  With 14 children the basic expenses(food, shelter, water, diapers, etc) are out of her grasp, and while she’s received money from numerous organizations, at this point that money has “dried out”. She is now like millions of Americans–in tons of debt, barely holding it together, and having to depend on some type of financial assistance just to take care of her family. On one hand we can easily say that she asked for it. That she put herself in this situation. Though on the other hand  I do feel for her…. As I’m pretty sure that she thought that her situation would turn into an “Kate plus 8”.  I don’t think that when she made the decision to get in-vitro(when she already had 6 children) that her house would be foreclosed on, that she’d be unemployed, and/or end up on welfare once again, or that it would be this hard. I have nothing else much to add other than that I feel for the children more than anything. And that in many ways her situation represents what’s happened to millions of people in this country that made decisions without thinking about the consequences– financially, emotionally or mentally.


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