Teen Pregnancy & the Media Part TWO

So a couple of weeks ago I had created a blog topic about the media & teen pregnancy. I talked about shows like Teen mom, and Secret Life of an American Teenager and how these shows influence our teenagers to normalize traumatic issues such as pregnancy. I talked about how the media portrays pregnancy in ways that could easily lead to an increase in an already dire teen pregnancy situation in the USA (out of every 1000 teenagers 72 are pregnant). Well apparently my opinion on this matter, was very popular. I read other blogs and other articles that essentially stated the same thing as I. There was a general consensus that the media is fueling teen pregnancy, starting with the glamorization of these reality teen mom’s. But one woman–one blogger disagrees completely and gets to the “nitty-gritty” about the crux of the issue. Her stance is that the issue is less about media and more about adults and our society. I love the site Momlogic for presenting pretty decent discussions about issues like this. Here is what she had to say.

Do you agree or disagree? Is the crux of the issue really about the disorganization amongst parents, schools, and society regarding teen sex education? Is it because of the media(like I proposed)? I think her viewpoint and some important points that she brought up should definitely be considered as we think about the issue with teen pregnancies in the USA.


2 thoughts on “Teen Pregnancy & the Media Part TWO

  1. I think it is both and then the added religious taboo that is placed on the whole sex issue in general. I think it is less parents being true parents, churches being unrealistic and the media glamour of it all. In reading her article she pointed out that the European countries have lower teen pregnancy rates. That makes sense since I have spent time in Europe and they are pretty laid back about sex in general and the parents actually talk to the kids about it on a very realistic level.
    In America we are so uptight about sex and it is the forbidden subject of conversation among adult to teens. Churches just preach don’t do it, it is a sin. The parents bury their heads in the sand and hope that the church or school will cover it and the kids learn from each other mostly by experimenting to the detriment of sexual, emotional and physical health of the teen parents and children born into this situation.
    There are certain things that I don’t think we should adopt from our neighbors from across the pond, but in this area, we need to at least check into it.

  2. I agree with you completely. Children are having to learn about sex from the media, rather than their parents or within the educational system. But there is also an argument about the idea that it isn’t a “school’s job” to educate our children about sex, that is the parent’s role. So on one hand I have to say that I don’t know if I think it’s an issue with our schools but more so with parents and the way society portrays sex as a forbidden fruit amongst teenagers. No–we shouldn’t tell our teens to just “do it”, but we also shouldn’t make sex seem like something that is horrible and bad(because teens are rebellious, they have friends and peers, and they are curious).
    I think these shows, certainly don’t help though. While they don’t make pregnancy glamorous, they do MAKE these particular teen mom’s seem like celebrities which I don’t agree with.
    thank you for your input.

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