Hmmm….Amber Portwood from MTV’s Teen Mom

So I finally took the time this weekend to watch last week’s Teen Mom episode 9.  I actually watched it on MTV’s website, and one of the nice things  about doing so is the ability to see what many other audience members think–because many will write their opinions on that particular episode on the “discussion board” which is directly below the video(of the show). So usually during those annoying online ad commercials, I’ll scroll down below the video and see what other audience members have to say about the girls and the current episode. Well during this particular episode I noticed a large portion of people talking about Amber Portwood.  As usual, during episode 9, she was angry and verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive. All in front of her toddler Leah.

Now we all know that this is normal Amber behavior. But with each episode it seems that she is more and more out of control. Now since the show is often edited, and certain parts are probably left out, it’s hard to tell what exactly provokes Amber to react the way she does, BUT her reactions thus far have been very disturbing.  The way she talks to Gary, the way she talks to her daughter, and how quickly she loses her temper and becomes physical all indicate that poor little Leah is in the midst of a VERY chaotic living environment. So when I read the comments–that were below the video–I noticed a lot of people agreed with me. They just took it one step further.

People were stating that they were going to call CPS on Amber. Others posted “example” Dear MTV letters in which they were inquiring to MTV about why MTV had not stepped in to remedy Amber’s behavior. Needless to say people are fed up with her behavior and with the way she treats Gary. And many of us(myself included) want to see someone step in and say “enough is enough”.   So the big question is: why hasn’t anyone stepped in to do something about her behavior?

While calling CPS may be a little extreme, and could result in a very dire situation for Amber–it almost seems like it’s the necessary thing to do, especially when I saw the preview for this week’s upcoming episode to which she physically abuses Gary. All in front of the cameras. All in front of Leah.  Clearly she needs help. The fact that she see’s nothing wrong with acting this way in front of the public is enough to indicate to me that she has some clear issues… So the question of the day is:

Should CPS be called on Amber to put a stop on her behavior, lead her to get “help” and place Leah in the custody of a much more stable family?


10 thoughts on “Hmmm….Amber Portwood from MTV’s Teen Mom

  1. YES! No one cares about if Amber helps herself or not, someone needs to help that innocent child! What a sad life that little girl has to live, and it shows in her character. In three years that the show has been developing, not once has there been a smile on her pretty face. She is fussy and crying all the time, and it is easy to see why! She has to witness the screaming and abuse in that household. If Farrah’s mom was charged with domestic abuse for one incident with her daughter, there surely should be some consequences for Amber’s repeated actions! Someone help that little girl and her father, Gary, before they get seriously hurt!

  2. i dnt thibnk cps should be called because her dad is a perfectly good dad he wasn’t talking back to amber or hitting her he’s just looking out for leah. hes doing whats best for her by taking leah out of that house hold. maybe amber should go to anger managemeny counciling

  3. I haven’t watched episode 10 yet, but from episode 9, I feel that Amber is MORE of a problem than Gary. Here’s why:

    Amber has physically abused Gary and COME close to physically abusing Gary on numerous episodes. She yells, swears, and constantly kicks Gary out. When she kicks Gary out, she makes it a point of habit to tell Leah(a toddler) “Daddy is leaving you.”

    Who say’s that to a toddler?

    Gary has own set of issues, but by far Amber has Gary beat. Also, something to think about is that if CPS is contacted, and they investigate, most likely Leah would be placed with her grandparents(Gary’s mom)–since Gary has no where to live. That by far is the BETTER option, IMO.

    I’ll watch yesterday’s episode tonight, if I get the chance, with more commentary on the situation.

  4. I hate to say it, but NO. Amber can’t even be in good control of herself right now, so in light of the abusive behaviors that have escalated, I don’t see how she can be trusted to care for her baby. She has repeatedly displayed proof that she cannot control herself or her emotions. Besides being combative with Gary almost every time he’s present, she has lost her temper with the baby numerous times, and I know its only a matter of time before she strikes Leah in anger, too. There is a pattern of abuse here, and anyone who knows these patterns sees where this is going. Leah is already suffering emotional damage at the hand of Amber’s obscene temper. It has to stop NOW.
    I KNOW that Amber loves Leah, and I think she should DEFINITELY get to have her baby back eventually, but not until a court order has deemed her rehabilitated, and back in good control of herself and her emotions. Otherwise she is going to make a bigger mess of her life (and Leah’s) than she already is.)
    I don’t think that they should put Leah in foster care, however… I think that Gary is a very suitable dad for Leah and should be able to keep her while Amber is getting help. Maybe he could live near him mom’s house so she could help him.

    • Very good point. I think that Gary would make a MUCH better parent to Leah than Amber. And Leah definitely loves her daddy. But the issue with Gary is that he doesn’t have a proper place to stay at, at this point in time, and I almost wonder if he needs to get some counseling from all the abuse he’s been through. A lot of people fail to talk about how men are effected when they are verbally and emotionally abused–but it hurts their esteem, makes them feel inadequate and may set up for a cycle of abusive relationships. I see this as no different from a woman that is abused. Gary and Amber both need help–but in different ways. I honestly don’t think either could be the BEST parent to Leah until they get help. Gary needs more esteem, and he needs to identify why he has continued to “beg” for Ambers love despite the abuse. And Amber just needs anger management, and intense therapy. In the meantime Leah should stay with Gary’s mother.

  5. I have to say that I saw last night’s episode and I just cried! Not only did she throw his stuff out the door, almost push his television down the stairs but punched him in his head, slapped him in his head, kicked him as he was going down the stairs and continued to call him a fat a**! How do you do that to someone you want to marry or someone you love for that matter?! I also watched the after show interview with them and Gary is making excuses for her behavior as if he was to blame! I believe that of the years I have worked in the behavioral health field, Amber has a serious bipolar disorder and I assume that she has been diagnosed but is not taking her medications or not taking them correctly. I pray for little Leah, which hurts me even more how she looks so much like my youngest daughter. Last night’s episode showed her riding her little four wheeler at her Grandma’s house with a big smile on her face. I hope that Gary can get up enough nerve to leave her for good and stop making excuses for her. It is NOT okay to be treated like that no matter how he was viewed in the past or now!

    • I haven’t seen the episode yet. But I did see previews and from what I saw, Amber went crazy on him. Every time I watch the dialogue between these two, I wonder why Gary is still with her. The way she talks to him, the way at which he walks on eggshells, and her attitude toward Leah–all disturb me. He is in a very abusive relationship and has now taken on the “battered men syndrome” IMO. He believes everything is his fault. The biggest concern is how this will effect Leah. Will Amber’s behavior teach Leah that it’s okay to fight anyone that disagrees with us, that it’s okay to yell, curse and hit the ones we love? Will Gary’s submissive, battered behavior teach Leah that this is how a man is supposed to be? It’s all very disturbing. I almost want to write an angry letter to MTV and Amber expressing how disappointed I am in the “lack” of control over this situation.

  6. Hell ya CPS should be called….not to take Leah away from Gary, but to have it on record that there is a problem and to give Gary the leverage to keep Leah in a safe home away from Amber.. she is a piece of garbage and doesn’t need to be taking care of anyone…. if she fell off the face of the earth Gary and Leah would be better off… the fact that MTV hasn’t done anything and still has he on the show says to me that they don’t mind the behavior bc it gives the viewers something to watch….she needs to be taken off the tv NOW!!!!!

    • I agree with you on that last part. I’m disappointed in MTV. They edit this show, and cut out certain parts, so why would they continue to “keep” these “parts” on the show? Because people will watch it. But if this show is about the “reality” of teen moms, and believe me Amber is probably a reality around the world–then shouldn’t teens also be exposed to the reality of what could happen when they participate in dysfunctional abusive relationships? That is what is bothering me. The “lack” of any type of punishment for Amber, beyond giving her the opportunity to talk about after the show, and conveniently blame Gary for her actions.

  7. I believe that Gary could also be a wonderful “primary custodial” father. But, he def will
    need help. Normally CPS tries to place a child with a family member as opposed to foster care( if it’s possible, sometimes it’s not and foster care is the only option). I think that the grandmother could help Gary as well as Cps helping him get the resources he’d need through the State such as daycare, job placement and training, therapy for him & Leah, housing & even possibly financial assistance like welfare & food stamps..
    I think supervised visitation should be ordered for Amber until she complete’s anger mgmt, parenting classes, random drug testing, phyciatric and substance abuse evals and monitoring.
    Amber should be charged, in my opinion, with Child Endangerment and some kind of domestic violence felony..she should also be montored by the probation dept.
    This girl will ONLY get worse if she isn’t held responsible for her actions. She almost has this sense of entitlement. She thinks that she is a celebrity and with MTV not doing anything about this situation, Amber doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong. Seriously, what would everyone be saying if it was GARY that had acted this way? He’d be in jail……

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