CPS investigating Amber Portwood from TEEN MOM

I created a blog post on Amber, on Monday, and in that post I discussed how disturbing her behavior has become and that her behavior warrants an investigation by CPS. A lot of readers agreed. Not just on my blog, but nearly everywhere. This was a big discussion online. And I’m sure plenty of people were disturbed when they watched Episode 10, which premiered on Tuesday. I finally took the time to watch that episode last night. I’ll give a review of the entire show next Monday, but today I wanted to talk about Amber’s behavior on this episode and MTV’s role in this as well.

First, I’m a bit disappointed in MTV for even showing viewers (teenagers, adults, moms, etc) this BLATANT form of abuse and dysfunctionalism.  This behavior is the LAST thing we want to see amongst young relationships, especially those of “teen moms” who are supposed to show other teenagers how they are making the “best” of their situations. On one hand we can say that by showing Amber’s behavior, MTV has in fact showed us the reality of a CERTAIN type of parenting that we all should AVOID. That’s great. And if this is MTV’s intention for showing this clip then that makes me feel a little bit better about what I watched last night.

On the other hand this show is also a way for teens who may be in that situation, to learn how to deal with the situation in a mature “healthy” manner despite the odds they’ll face. We see Farrah, Maci and even Catelynn and Tyler making positive changes and growing tremendously between 16 and pregnant and this second season of Teen mom. They all represent ways in which teen moms can overcome the odds and still be decent parents. Amber is not progressing in any shape or form(beyond weight loss) and therefore it’s a bit disturbing that MTV continues to show “negative clips” of Amber participating in negative behaviors. She’s been made into the Villian of the show–and that’s a completely different debate that I’ll leave for another time. But sticking to the topic–I’m having a hard time identifying the reason why MTV showed that clip.

Matter of fact CPS is investigating Amber, as we all have heard, and they’ve stated that they received NO report from MTV at all of abuse prior to watching this episode. This means that MTV did not REPORT Amber to CPS and for that reason I’m disappointed. If CPS does find something on Amber(which I’m sure they will) she will temporarily lose custody of her child. This could do two things to Amber: cause her life to take a whirlwind for the worse, or cause her to do better. We hope for the latter, but plenty of mom’s found themselves on a path to self-destruction upon losing their children for their OWN bad behaviors. Amber already doesn’t have a GED, she already has anger problems, and clearly doesn’t know how to be in healthy relationship. This video footage has exposed her to millions of people, and could seriously “affect” her opportunities in the future(job placement, relationships, etc).  I wish Amber the best, and I do hope she gets help, no matter what happens. But being that she is already in a sea of negative circumstances, I predict that things may get worse before they get better.

There are other implications(serious ones) that effect Leah, and Gary, and I’ll discuss those next week. But(sticking to the topic) there is a lot of speculation about Amber and her behavior these last two seasons. Obviously at this point since she is under investigation there isn’t much she can do right now to stop the investigation from happening, BUT she can identify what has caused her to become this angry, abusive, teen mother.  Which I hope through counseling she is able to address and understand. But here are some of the speculations that have been formed about Amber:

1. Drugs. This is primarily because she’s lost a ton of weight–and friends of  Amber’s have stated that Amber has always been chunky. The quick and significant weight loss, coupled with anger, aggression, depression and neglect(Leah) all indicate drug use(Cocaine).

2. Acting for negative attention. One girl, on a message board, stated she used to be Amber’s friend and that Amber was never like this. So many people have suggested that she may be acting this way for “attention” and publicity. Negative attention is often seen as “better” than none at all.  And plenty of celebrities use this tactic and strategy to garner public attention.

3. PPD(Post Partum Depression) and the effects of depressants. Finally many people have suggested that Amber may be redirecting her anger at Leah and the fact that her life has drastically changed and churning that anger onto Gary since he is an “easy” target.  There is also suggestion that her medication may be fueling her aggression(which is a side effect).

All three of these reasons are valid explanations for her behavior.

Obviously, no matter the reason for her behavior, I hope she gets help. I also hope Teen Moms(and moms in general) understand that her behavior is FAR from acceptable.


5 thoughts on “CPS investigating Amber Portwood from TEEN MOM

  1. I don’t know where you get your information, but CPS got a report from me last week. The saddest part of this whole situation is everyone blogged about how Amber needed to be reported yet no one, at the time I called made a report. I also filed a complaint with the FCC and proud of it! MTV has liability in that they witnessed first hand a violent situation on SEVERAL accounts first hand and chose to air it for ratings instead of reporting it. It is a chargeable offense not to report if you fill a child in an unstable, violent situation. Even if you suspect it you have a moral and legal obligation to report it. I encourage people to report MTV to the FCC. We, as communities, as morale people, need to restore hope in humanity that there is good out there. Wake up people enough is enough! Are we so numb to what is real that we tolerate violence at the cost of the innocent?

    • Thank you for your post. CPS did get a report, but not from MTV–which was why I was disappointed. But I agree with the rest of your post! And thank you for notifying authorities. Hopefully Leah is placed in a safe place.

  2. I hope that Gary will be the one to gain custody of Leah. He seems to be a good father, who is/was just hopelessly in love. I am a survivor of domestic violence. Abuse that happened in front of my 4 year old and quite often, though occasionally physical, the verbal abuse is what has done the most damage to him. We are both in counseling now and I hope that soon he will be back to his normal happy go lucky self, as well as myself, as for his father, he refuses counseling of any kind or to recognize that he even has a problem at all. I can only hope for Leahs sake that Amber will take responsibility. Though she is the abuser, Leah still needs her mommy…I just hope Amber realizes it before its too late.

  3. I agree completely and it is a very sad situation to see Leah neglected. Amber is obviously a horrible mother and needs to get her rights taken away from her. I doubt she is on cocaine because she would be sniffing and wiping her nose often. I do think she has post partum depression but I do not feel badly for her. I am so angry that MTV just stood by and watched all of this happen. Leah is constantly being tossed in her crib as if she was some puppy being shoved in a kennel. It’s disgusting! I am aso upset that MTV keeps posting video clips of Amber apologizing. Honestly, why give her the air time?! Unfortunately children all around the world are constantly being abused and molested and there isn’t anything we can do about it. But this is a situation we are all witnessing and something must be done!

  4. I think MTV was right to air the abuse.(as long as it was reported) otherwise abuse is swept under the rug.I think it is good to show young viewers that abuse can and does happen to men.I don’t think the show was intended to show these moms making all positive changes and making good decisions.If that were the case this would be very unrealistic.The show shows these moms in the real world of teen parenting.I think it would be so wrong to air only positive events in the lives of these young women,because young girls watching would get the glamorized version of teen parenting and think it was a good idea, an easy thing to cope with.I believe girls should see every facet of what life as a teen mom can entail.

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