Shopping to Find a Bargain

I posted a blog post last week about ways to save money. In that post I provided tips about ways in which I’ve learned how to better manage my money, budget, and save when I go shopping for groceries each month. That list has helped save me anywhere from $100-150 per month. Which may not be much, but goes a long way when you’re operating from a pretty tight budget.  A great way to also save is to KNOW those places that offer easy “finds” and bargains. So here’s a very brief, short list of the places I go when I’m bargain hunting.

Cleaning Supplies, Paper products & “small” decorative items. When I shop for these products I make sure to head to the “Dollar Store” or “Dollar Tree”.   The reason why, is because paper plates–a majority of the time-are non reusable. Why pay 4 dollars for a stack of plates that will only get thrown away when you can get these same plates for only a dollar? The same goes with cleaning supplies–why pay a sum total of 20 dollars to clean up your kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms, when you can pay half of that at the Dollar store on the SAME products?  And, if your like me, I have a habit of going into a store and seeing something cute and automatically wanting to buy that item to use as a “decoration” piece for my apartment.  At the dollar store, you have a variety of “small” decorative items that you can use. From $4 dollar posters, to $3 dollar “welcome mats” and so on. Take advantage of those items. Yes the dollar store has somewhat of a “stigma” to it, but it’s a great place to shop for deals without even trying.

Produce/Fruit. I don’t know about you, but at my local grocery store, fruit is pretty expensive. I could end up spending $15-25 on fruit/produce each week which comes to a sum total of about $60-125 a month on fruit and produce. That’s pretty large chunk of money to spend.   So I recommend finding a fruit market within local proximity when you’re buying produce. At my local fruit market, a box of strawberries cost anywhere from .99 cents to $1.50. You can also find inexpensive organic produce at your local fruit market as well. Fruit markets are GREAT places to shop, if your on a budget and your still looking  to eat healthy.

The Basics. So when it comes to buying basic ingredients: flour, eggs, meat, etc. I take a trip to either a Super Wal-Mart or to Aldi’s. Both places are great for basic food products. Aldi’s is often better than Wal-mart.  I always recommend these two stores for people who are looking for an alternative to “high” costing food at their local grocery store.  There’s a stigma that Aldi is for a “certain” group of people. Ignore it.  If your smart, then use your buck wisely and invest in these low-costing stores.

Household items/ Beauty Products. For basic household items, that need to be replaced and for beauty products. Target and Wal-Mart are your friends. There’s nothing else really to be said about these stores–since they are well-known. I’ve bought covers, sheets, and towels,  from both Target and Wal-Mart–rather than Bed Bath and Beyond. I’ve bought soaps, laundry detergent, shampoo, etc from these stores as well. Again, these are great stores to go to when your looking for some of those larger and (smaller) house hold items and beauty products.

And…. If you must make a trip to your local store, then use the tips that I provided about “Ways to Save money”, as that will help you save a big buck even at an expensive local store.


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