Are reality moms, really living in reality?

These days when you turn on the television it’s difficult not to watch television shows about “reality” moms. In a lot of cases these reality moms are NOT at all the reality for the majority of us. We don’t have nannies, cooks, cleaning people, or a staff dedicated to our every need. We don’t have cameras following us around and exposing our private moments to the public. We don’t have personal trainers, or money to get plastic surgery (Kate Gosselin). We don’t look glamorous as we’re heading to the grocery store, kids in tow, and after a long day at work. We certainly don’t get the privilege of going to 4 and 5 star vacations whenever we want. And more importantly we aren’t duped into thinking that we are above the law–which I’ll get to soon enough.

It appears that reality moms really aren’t living in reality… Or at least not our reality. Most reality moms live lives that most of have us will never experience.  Trying to follow these moms parenting styles proves to be moot. And yet these moms are considered the “reality” of most American parents. In which reality do they live in? Apparently a reality where certain rules and laws just don’t apply to them. In many cases what starts off as a “regular” real parent, soon transforms into the reality of a celebrity, which in many cases IS in fact a reality where laws and rules just don’t apply. This is why Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton can get away with numerous drug charges and still party the next day. This is why Miley Cyrus at 17 was able to go into a 21 and up club(she was spotted at one last weekend) and this is why at 6 Drew Barrymore was smoking pot and drinking until she was drunk.

But obviously there is a difference between a reality parent and a celebrity parent. Yet for some reason many reality parents fail to remember they aren’t necessarily celebrities. Though the lines often get blurred these days–with the variety of reality shows where the people are treated as celebrities–we must remember that they are in fact “real people who started off “real” but ONLY  recently began living lives that many of us would deem “celebrity” living. So while they live their lives posing as a celebrity, they must remember that they are in fact in a “reality” where certain rules still apply–even for them. This brings me to my main point.

As of lately, I’ve been reading more and more news articles where “reality moms” act as though they are celebrities(where rules don’t apply) and when reality catches up with them, it’s sort of like an “oh sh$$” moment. It started off with Nadya Suleman, who for some reason, with her 14 children–thought that her “child-rearing” and living environment was “okay” (as chaotic as it was) because she compared herself to Jolie.  Months later CPS investigated her–apparently her living environment wasn’t “fine”.  Now this same “said” mom is on the brink of “welfare” because UNLIKE a celebrity having 14 kids doesn’t mean you are rich. And Nadya didn’t get the memo that when you have 14 kids on a nurse’s salary you become broke.   Then last week we saw the “teen mom” episode where Amber Portwood somehow thought she was above the law when she physically abused her boyfriend in front of cameras. Not too sure what possessed her to “show out”(literally) in public, but she did, and unfortunately it came at a consequence: she is now being investigated by CPS. I’m sure that she thought being “big and bad” was cute until the reality hit. She has issued a public apology which probably will only slightly help her case.  And then the new reality show “Sister Wives”– at one point one of the mothers’ said: “When we decided to do the show, we knew there would be risks. But for the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking.”  Well apparently the risk was worth it, because they are now being investigated by Utah Police and could face up to 5 years behind bars. Not sure how that was worth losing their kids? But hey I guess the “call” of fame was more important!

Anyone else find it amusing and a bit ironic how reality moms are starting to REALLY face the reality of “poor” decision-making skills on national television?


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