Fundraisers Teach Life Skills

Any parent(s) with children probably have participated in fundraising in some point in their lives. And if, as a parent, you’ve had the pleasure of participating in fundraising then you probably understand how difficult and rewarding fundraising can be. Whether it’s for a cheerleading tournament, basketball uniforms, new computers in the school library, or funding for a new program–fundraising has a small meaning somewhere in our child’s life. But more importantly a good fundraiser teaches our children important life skills.

*Being a part of a team. When a child fundraises he/she works with: the parent, the teacher, the PTO moms’, children that are apart of the same initiative(peers and classmates), and his/her best friend.  This helps teach our children how to work with people in a variety of respects–from the people we love, to the people in charge, to friends, to acquaintances–all of course with the knowledge that by working with the variety of people we are “helping” reach that goal.

*Making a difference. Every time your child goes door-to-door, or hands dad that catalogue to give to his work colleagues, that child is making a contribution toward the larger fundraising goal. As the saying goes “Every one counts”. The fact that even selling 3 items gets us one step closer to buying uniforms teaches our children that we all contribute toward a bigger meaning, even if our contributions seem small.

*Meeting a goal. We all have goals we aim to meet in our lifetimes. Fundraisers  create some of our FIRST opportunities in meeting a targeted or measurable goal. Fundraisers motivate us not only for the prizes and rewards we receive–we also are motivated by our desire to sell X amount because it makes us feel proud. Working to meet a goal creates a competitive spirit in us and teaches us the value of accomplishing milestones.

*Sales. Fundraisers teach our children how to “sell” themselves. How to sell the “product” and “service”. And how to demonstrate “value”.  Sales also teaches our children to continue to pump forward no matter how many people, say “No thanks” or “Not today.”  Learning to be confident, to “sell”, to overcome rejection, and to persist is a great skill that we can carry on in many pursuits.

Of course there are other large life skills that come with fundraising, but as a child these are the main life lessons I took from fundraising.


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