What is happening with Miley Cyrus?

So this morning while browsing the news I saw a ton of articles about Miley’s new video “Who Owns My heart”. If you haven’t seen the video I urge you to go on to YouTube for a preview.  But to give you a good idea about why the video is controversial: remember her video “Can’t be tamed”–well let’s just say Miley’s new video takes it up a few notches.  And of course parents are upset. This is a young woman who became quite successful because teeny-boppers and little girls loved her. Many still do. If not for her the “mass” of young tween fans Miley probably wouldn’t be popular or “mainstream” right now.  Yet Miley seems very “quick” to alienate herself from her “fans” trying to appeal to an “older” demographic group.

Miley has claimed that this is “who she is” that she is sick of being told “who she should be” and that she is comfortable in her skin and her body. In other words the image we see above is really Miley Cyrus, not the Hannah Montana character we saw on Disney.  Fine… But why in the world did she ever try to be Hannah Montana if that wasn’t “her”?  And who is listening to her music right now? I can’t recall any 17 or 18-year-old girls listening to her. Her fans are the “teeny boppers”. The same fans that she is moving away from.  If you recall this is the same thing that happened with Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay started off as a Disney Star and slowly but surely made her way into the person she is today.  The further she moved from her fans, the more she hurt her career.  Some have compared her to Britney Spears. But the main difference between Britney and Miley is that Britney started off with a “sexy” image.  The sexy pop girl was the image that Britney ALWAYS portrayed. Whereas Miley is coming into this “image”–or at least trying to push the image onto fans. And I suspect that this is why parents are upset.

To be perfectly honest Miley Cyrus is no different from your average 17 or 18-year-old girl. She is simply coming in to terms with her sexuality.  And–like a lot of young woman-she wants us to notice her.  I want everyone to take a trip to highschool in 2010. You’ll see that there is a mass of young women that dress just as provocatively and act as provocatively as Miley.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that the real her at 17 (because hopefully at 30 this behavior will die down) is overtly sexual.  Matter of fact I’ve posted several blog topics about America’s oversexualized culture and the impact on young women and Miley is a pretty good example.  Britney was a good example. A lot of these young celebrity pop artists are “examples”.   So who do we blame? Their agents? Media? Do we blame that novel idea that “sex sells”?   Or do we just chalk it up to Miley being the “average” american teenager?

At this point we know that her fan base will eventually stop listening to Miley in the way that many were before. We know that parents are angry and upset and will probably continue to “rank” on her. We know that people are baffled by her “sudden” change.  And we know that Miley is happy with her new image.  I would like to know what Miley’s parents think about her new image. Her dad already defended her when she was gyrating like a stripper on a man, saying “that is what people her age do”. What are her parents saying now? Do they care?

Bigger questions: Will this “new image” hurt Miley’s career in the long-term? Will Miley turn into another Lindsey Lohan? If you have children are you still letting your children listen to her music?






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