What kind of mom are you?

Found an article from PR Newwire about Heidi Murkoff the author of “What to Expect” series and a study she conducted on “new moms”, this is what she has  to say:

“Moms are always evolving to keep up and keep connected – and they’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make pregnancy and parenting easier, more satisfying, less stressful, more  enjoyable,” explained Murkoff, “and this research showed exactly what they’re looking for and where.  Let’s face it moms have always been amazing, but this fascinating research showed just how incredibly confident and empowered today’s mom is, how open she’s become about pregnancy and parenting, and how eager she is to share insights, tips, and resources with other moms who are going through the exact same experience at the same time.  She’s pregnant and proud – out from behind those yards of polyester that used to keep her beautiful belly a secret.  She’s celebrating her pregnancy calling attention to her pregnant curves – in fact, today’s maternity fashion, all those tights, stretchy cute clothes, is a great metaphor for that pregnancy pride.

“And to say that today’s moms are embracing technology along with their bellies is an understatement.  The research showed that they are twice as likely to use Twitter – I should know, I Tweet with them – and 32% more likely to use a Smartphone than the national average of users. From tweeting the results of a pregnancy test, to putting sonograms on their profiles, to texting friends and family just seconds after the birth of their child – well, we’ve come a long way, mommy!”

Three Categories of Moms

The “Delivering a Mom” study identified three distinct segments of women in terms of how they approached decision making:  The Plan-Aheader, The Right-on-Timer, and The Lagger. “The Plan-Aheader likes to be prepared, skips ahead in books and online, can be an ‘inexperienced influencer’, and is more likely to change her mind because of her early decisions,” explained Laura Klein, Senior Vice President, Everyday Health Inc., publisher of WhatToExpect.com. 72% of first time pregnant women are Plan-Aheaders. “The Right-on-Timer takes each phase as it comes, does research and makes product choices based on her current needs. This often minimizes unwanted and unused items because her choices are thoughtful. Moms with more experience are more likely to be in this group,” Klein continued.  “Lastly, The Lagger mom is often the one playing catch-up, feeling chaotic and overwhelmed.  We found that this mom-to-be was more likely to take advice from others and when making purchasing decisions, likely to select what others have chosen.”

Murkoff concluded, “Today’s moms and moms-to-be are connecting like never before, and using technology  that moms just ten years ago would never thought possible. Best of all, they’re part of a virtual global community of moms, a family really, they can turn to 24/7 to learn from, share with, celebrate with every magical (and challenging) moment.  That’s mom power at work!”


What kind of mom are you?


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