Catelynn and Tyler

So I finally had the opportunity to watch the season finale of Teen Mom. Out of all of the dynamics that happened in the show I found myself feeling very emotional about Catelynn and Tyler. The moment I saw baby Carly(who looked like Tyler with blonde hair) I felt so happy for the couple(who’ve struggled with their decision to give up their daughter). Baby Carly is by far one of the cutest babies on Teen Mom (though Bentley is super cute as well). I loved watching Catelynn and Carly interact with each other, and during those precious moments when they were interacting, I felt as though Carly knew that Catelynn was her mommy. When she hugged Catelynn and laid her head in Catelynn’s hand. When Tyler was holding her and she was feeling his face and hugging him. Carly knew they were her parents. But what made me the most emotional was the “recorded” book that they made for Carly(anyone else get tears during that scene?)

Part of the reason this was such an emotional episode for me, is because I just can’t fathom giving my child to someone else to raise.  I don’t necessarily look down on adoption rather I know that for myself adoption wouldn’t be an option, simply because I wouldn’t be strong enough to go through with it. The fact that at such a young age, these two were able to go through with such a huge decision, and do so in a way that is both mature and responsibile–well I just am very intriguied by these two!  They certainly have had tough lives, and it makes perfect sense why these two wanted more for their daughter.  Up until the season finale, I always felt as though these two didn’t make the right decision when they chose to give up Carly. I felt that if they really wanted to it was very possible for these two to beat the odds and raise their daughter. My mom did it. Several other women and men from bad backgrounds(if not worse than Catelynn’s) have done it. I can admit that this has been my thought during these last two seasons of Teen mom.

But when I saw the finale last night I changed my mind. Carly seems to be extremely healthy, and it’s obvious that Brandon and Theresa are doing a great job with her!  All in all, as difficult as the decision seemed to be, it looks as though it was for the best. More importantly  I get the feeling that Catelynn and Tyler look up to Brandon and Theresa and as result they’ve refocused their lives (focusing on their education, then getting married, getting a house, and finally having a child) so that when they do have a child, they raise the child in the same healthy environment.

Anyway I just wanted to briefly talk about how much I admire their decision, and loved the way the season finale went for these two!

But a question that is still being thrown around–seeing how healthy baby Carly is–did Catelynn and Tyler make the right decision when they chose to put Carly up for adoption?

Stayed tuned for Dr. Drew’s portion of the show tonight! 🙂


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