Paper for Good™ blog is a place where mostly women–including moms, 20-somethings, feminists, romantics, fundraising experts, etc–can come and let their hair down. Paper for Good likes to think that by creating this type of environment we faciliate meaningful conversations, networking, and learning. You’ll find that our topics vary from random ramblings and rants, to reviews, parenting, tips, questions, advice, fundraisers, stationery, society in general, education, topics effecting 20-somethings, and of course writing. The list goes on and on, and we add content as we explore the variety of  issues effecting women and the industry. We hope that we attract plenty of women looking to explore all these topics and more.

To tell you a little about ourself (beyond why we’ve created this blog) I’ll start with who we are and what we do: we’re a fundraising company designed to help you meet your fundraising goals with a different type of product — personalized stationery and gifts! We offer a one-of-a-kind product for your fundraiser — personalized stationery & gifts! No more cookie dough, wrapping paper or candy bars – to buy or sell! Stationery is a great gift for anytime of year and with all of the possible combinations of designs, colors, and personalization opportunities, there’s something for everyone!

Visit www.PaperForGood.com to learn more about personalized stationery fundraising opportunities.

We’re always looking for potential clients interested in a unique way to fundraise, people interested in selling our product, and/or people just interested in talking about a variety of random topics and happenings. If you’d like to know more please email me for more information!

Happy Fundraising!


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